Another website with photos and opinions...what’s the point? Well, we seem to live in an era where everyone has an opinion about everything, thanks to the internet. Social media and video platforms have given the ordinary men a voice. For the good and for the bad. But above all, we live in a world that embraces the culture of the “ politically correct”.  In a polarized society, there are two sides, the so called “right” and “ left”. I find this blunt division very questionable. There is no black or white without many shades of gray....but in the commonly used sense, these terms refers to economic liberals and libertarians who defend a minimal state for the first and socialists/communists and alike who believe the state should be strong and provide for all the needs for all citizens in the second.   Sure there are other ideas like anarchism which propose the complete freedom of men, that should be free from any society rules or boundaries, therefore allowing for the complete fulfillments of ones potential, whatever it means. In a world with 8 billion people, it’s not going to happen. Makes for a nice teenager fantasy, but that’s about it.
As with all forms of extremism, there’s usually a better and more sensible alternative. Between the idea of a minimal state or a nanny state, I personally fancy the idea of a fair state. Could be also called a reasonable and possible state. What would be it like?
First rule. People have to take responsibility for their own lives. The role of the state is to give everyone a fair minimum to begin with. How far you’ll be able to get it’s entirely up to you. Second rule. Play close attention to the first rule.
What does this “ fair minimum “ looks like?
No one should be left without proper nutrition. No one should be left ill without proper medical care. Everyone should have access to basic education. Everyone should feel safe in his own environment. And that’s about it.
I’m not saying that health and education should be universally free of charge. In my vision, basic education and healthcare should be responsibility of the state, and reimbursed by everyone to the extent of their’s possibilities, so that the system can fund itself beyond the extent of what tax payer’s money allows.
Want to drive a Porsche and spend springs in the French Riviera? Fine for me, as long as you work your ass off to be able to fund it. Want to spend you life reading and discussing philosophy and writing poetry? I’m totally ok with that, provided society hasn’t to pay for you lifestyle. Self accountability, that’s how it should be.
It’s with that vision in mind that I photograph to document the world as I see it. Documentary photography has traditionally been a way to expose the injustice in the world, and always have a tendency to use the “ left side”  way to see things. And I think that for the most part it worked well and helped to expose some ugly aspects of humans behavior. There are enough photographers and content creators doing that already, there’s no need for another one. I choose another point of view. I look for the world that works out well. I look for those people and societies who embraced difficulties and were able to pull it off. Those who chose to fight over complaining about how unlucky they have been. Because I firmly believe that fighting for what you want is the only way to achieve true freedom and happiness.
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